My Work

As you may have gathered already, either from this website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, or any other places you may have stalked come across me, I’m a travel writer.

My work predominantly consists of digital content: web copy, feature articles, digital travel guides, and blog posts. However, while most of my work the last five years has been in the digital space, the last couple years has seen me doing more print, such as Southern Hospitality MagazineDrink Me Magazine, and travel guides. Additionally, I manage digital content for travel companies, from boutique travel agencies to large travel brands, such as Expedia, where I’m Editor-in-Chief of the Expedia Viewfinder blog.

I first broke into travel writing in the spring of 2008 when I was hired by travel guide content producer 10Best. My work first consisted of writing and editing web content for major hotel brands in the U.S. and Canada, before I moved to another department, working as the Content Editor for 10Best’s city guides. My position was a blanket editorial position, as I had my hand in anything and everything that involved content. I was the project manager over 10Best’s mobile and social media applications, including one mobile and a couple Facebook applications.

That brings us to where I am now. As travel writing has evolved, so too, I have evolved with it; so much so, that I’m now breaking into photography and videography, which naturally complements my travel writing. Most of my writing is destination-specific content, covering U.S., Caribbean, Central America, and Europe destinations. I’ve also covered travel industry news extensively, writing on topics that have included travel in social media, travel technology, and airline news. Below you’ll find some of the different topics I’ve covered, with links to some of the places I’ve written for.

Let’s Work Together

I want to be clear upfront and not waste your or my time. The PR relationships I have are two-way relationships that have been formed over the years and these contacts never send me press releases. Therefore, I ask you not to randomly send me press releases. Sorry, but they won’t get read. While I’ll do interviews from time to time, I rarely write guest posts for travel blogs, unless it is for a friend. Don’t take it as offense, please. Blog posts I do write are for clients.

My work is split up primarily by work I do regularly for travel companies and publications and one-off projects and articles I pitch to travel companies and magazines. If you’re an online travel agency, airline, in-flight magazine, destination magazine, tourism board, or any of the like, then I would love to speak with you. Please send me an email about who you are and what you’re looking for and I will be happy to talk with you more about how we can work together and my rates. You can use my contact form or just email me at spencer.spellman {at} gmail dot com.

You can see more of my work below by downloading PDF versions.

I Heart my City: San Francisco

Fall Fun in the South: The Savannah Film Festival

48 Hours in Ghent, Belgium

Photo courtesy of Kirsten Alana.