• Lake Tahoe Observation Deck at Heavenly Mountain

    Photo Essay: South Lake Tahoe

    This weekend saw me in South Lake Tahoe, the second visit there in as many months, for one last snowy adventure for the season. The first, in...

  • Seal Beach Southern California

    Travel as a Means to Finding a Home

    It was three years ago this month that both my best trip and best decision to date saw its final moments on a beach in Costa Rica....

  • The D Vegas Hotel and Casino

    Why You Should Visit Downtown Las Vegas

    Because it’s not the Las Vegas Strip. “Le duh Spence,” you may be saying to yourself. But hear me out. Why do people come to Vegas? For...

The days between my 30th birthday last year and my 31st birthday one month ago today saw me undertake something of a social experiment, where I committed to 12 months of living experientially. Something I called, my “30 at 30 List.” It wasn’t so much a travel bucket list, since it involved a lot of things that weren’t related to travel, but rather a life experiences list. While travel has been central to my personal growth the last few years, it’s not the end, but rather a means to an end. This was a challenge to pursue dreams (both tangible and intangible), doing things that I had always said I ¬†wanted to do, but had never done. What ensued was a year of living purposefully and taking calculated risks. And I learned…a lot. I recently wrote about 30 things I learned from my one-year life/bucket list. But I’m not here to merely reflect on and rehash those things, but rather discuss how it’s propelling me in living a more experiential, well-lived life.

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This time of year is one of my favorite times of year. Yes, with clocks springing forward, it means I can stay outside and play after 5. And yes, it is in fact ¬†National Frozen Food Month (seriously, that’s a thing). But most importantly to me, it’s one of the best sports months of the entire year. It’s March Madness (which if I was president, would be a national holiday)! But more relevant for today’s discussion, it’s Spring Training. And today I’m talking Spring Training in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the Cactus League is in full swing.

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It was six months ago this month that I packed my car up in Seattle, and like I imagine many aspiring actors and actresses have done, hit the road for Hollywood. Six months later and there is no one place that has felt more like home than Los Angeles. I have a local watering hole that knows what I want before I order, the 7-eleven cashiers and I are on a first-name basis, and just last night I hosted my first Oscars party. (Could I be anymore L.A.?!). Armed with an iPhone and a DSLR, I’ve hit the streets (and trails) to share L.A. through my lens, a lens chock-full of sunsets and cocktails. So today I reflect on the past few months with a photo tour of Los Angeles, while looking forward to the coming months and years (that’s right, I ain’t leaving anytime soon).

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