The List

The. List. As I like to call it. You know what it is. Everyone has one. Also known as a “kick the bucket list”, “bucket list” or “reaper list”. Long before the Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson movie, Bucket List, people had their own “list”, even if it wasn’t written and stored in a capsule or better yet, posted on a blog. It is sometimes a place and sometimes an activity. No two people’s list are the same, but one thing remains the same, it never needs an explanation. And with that, I present to you my list; which I expect to add to and then mark off as I do them. Please comment about items on your list and even things on this list that you’ve already done.

  1. Take a ride in a submarine
  2. Start a non-profit
  3. Write a novel
  4. Be a published author
  5. Hang Glide at Kitty Hawk
  6. Take a cruise (Yes, I’m a travel writer and have never taken a cruise)
  7. Compete in the U.S. National Toboggan Championships
  8. Dog sled
  9. Trek Machu Picchu
  10. Climb a 14er
  11. Cave Dive at the Cave of Swallows in Mexico
  12. Drive the length of the Baja Peninsula
  13. Go diving for treasure
  14. Take a hot air balloon ride
  15. Take a hot balloon ride…at sunset…while making out with a significant Africa.
  16. Yacht/sail through the Caribbean
  17. Go snowmobiling
  18. Build a beach cottage
  19. Live in a beach cottage
  20. Track Gorillas
  21. Go tornado chasing
  22. Drive a gondola, but not wear the scarf and hats like they do at the Venetian in Vegas.
  23. Raft down the Colorado River
  24. Be on The Colbert Report
  25. Live as an expat
  26. Play a round of golf at St. Andrews
  27. RV across North America
  28. RV around Australia
  29. Drive the Autobahn
  30. Go to the FIFA World Cup Championship
  31. Go to the Super Bowl
  32. Catch a fish or shark that is taller than me (above 6’3″)
  33. Throw the opening pitch at a Major League Baseball Game
  34. Swim with penguins
  35. Attend the final round of the PGA Masters at Augusta National
  36. Dive the Titanic
  37. Go spelunking
  38. Visit the motherland of the U.K.
  39. Live for a season in the U.K.; where I go to the pub everyday, eat fish and chips and Bangers and Mash, drink Guinness and sing and dance
  40. Get published in one of the big fish (National Geographic, CN Traveler, AFAR, etc.)
  41. Be on a Travel Channel TV show
  42. See a concert at Red Rocks
  43. Get off my plane and see someone holding a white sign with “Spellman” on it
  44. Go waterfall rappelling
  45. Start my own business
  46. Black water raft through the caves of New Zealand
  47. Start a magazine
  48. Operate a bed and breakfast
  49. Develop an iPhone app
  50. Learn to surf
  51. Go base jumping down the Cave of Swallows
  52. Sled down a volcano
  53. Eat from 100 food trucks in San Francisco.
  54. Compete in the U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship
  55. Road trip the Pacific Coast Highway.
  56. Go to the Olympics…as an adult.
  57. Visit every state in America.
  58. Learn to snowboard.
  59. Start and operate my own winery…or distillery…or brewery. Something that has to do with making money from drinking.
  60. Get my scuba diving certification.
  61. Go sky diving.
  62. Fly an airplane.