Discovering the Biodiversity of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

If you’ve spent any time on my blog, then you know that I love Costa Rica. I spent several months there in 2010 and 2011, setting up a base on the Pacific Ocean in the region of Guanacaste in Playa del Coco. When I moved to San Francisco last year I was thrilled to meet Eytan Elterman, who had just returned from Costa Rica. Eytan is the co-founder of a conscious travel organization called iSeeiTravel, whose goal is to inspire travelers “to¬†experience the world in ways that are sustainable, responsible and meaningful.” A few months ago, Eytan, and co-founder Marco Bollinger, sat down to interview me for iSeeiTravel. Well this week, I turned the tables, so that Eytan could share about a documentary project they are working on in Costa Rica.

To learn more about iSeeiTravel’s new Costa Rica documentary project, 2.5 Percent, you can visit their campaign page on Indiegogo to read more, view the documentary trailer, and donate to the project. The campaign launched a couple weeks ago and continues on for three more weeks. Funds raised will be used to finish the documentary and prepare for distribution.


2 Comments on “Discovering the Biodiversity of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

  1. Fascinating, Spencer! You know, I had never been to Osa until this last trip. It’s so beautiful and dense. I love how Costa Rica is so small, yet the different areas are soo different.

    • It’s pretty amazing. I haven’t spent enough time at the Osa and it’s a far cry from Guanacaste!

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